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Umstellungsphase der Haut

Transition phase of the skin

When testing new care products, especially natural cosmetics, in some cases an “initial deterioration” can occur. This refers to skin irritations such as dryness and impurities.

Why is that?

The skin is our body's barrier, but it is also a working organ. Just like we eat carrots for our eyes or fiber for our digestion, the skin also needs to be well nourished. Unfortunately, common care products are exactly the opposite of nutritious. Here, long shelf life, great smell and simple production usually take precedence over the “nutrition” of our skin. Lifeless oils are used that the skin cannot do anything with.

But why does my skin react to natural cosmetics?

By using lifeless, perhaps even occlusive oils in care products, the skin forgets how to do its job. It is nourished by the inside of the body, but cannot breathe freely and, so to speak, “forgets” its area of ​​responsibility. When living oil is applied to the skin, in some cases it is a bit “taken by surprise” and has to figuratively “get off the couch”. Therefore she sometimes reacts “annoyed”. But you also know that once you peel yourself out of the sofa, put on your running shoes and go out in the forest or park, then you feel great. Well, the same goes for our skin.

How long do I have to endure this?

Depending on how much and how long the skin has not been properly nourished, the whole thing can take up to an entire cycle of renewal of the skin layers. Yes, in some cases it can be up to 4 weeks. But be sure it's worth it. And the great thing is, once you've gotten through it, nothing stands between you and radiant skin.

However, if pustules form over a long period of time, the skin burns, redness no longer disappears and constant itching occurs, this may indicate an allergic reaction. So if you are prone to allergies, take a close look at the ingredients of the product and test it on a small area before buying. If everything is fine here, then you can get started across the board.