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Welches Körperöl ist das Richtige in der Schwangerschaft?

Which body oil is right for pregnancy?

Which body oil is right for pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the most extraordinary times in a woman's life. New life grows right under the heart, which is one of the greatest gifts one can experience. But the space in your stomach quickly becomes smaller and the skin begins to stretch. This stretching is a particular challenge for the skin and therefore special care for this time is very useful.

With pregnancy oils the focus is a little different than with regular body oils. The aim here is not that the skin absorbs the oil as quickly as possible, but that the skin is long and well cared for. Therefore, oils are used here that are rich and support the skin in stretching.

The frequency of application is also higher. It should be reapplied whenever the skin feels dry. This not only applies to the baby bump, but also to the legs, breasts and bottom. All parts of the body that experience stretching.

The skin is particularly well supported if it is applied before a gentle massage. This improves the blood flow to the skin in these areas, which leads to more suppleness and can stimulate the skin to regenerate.

Particularly good oils here are:

  • Organic almond oil cold pressed
  • Organic cold-pressed sunflower oil
  • Organic poppy seed oil cold pressed
  • Organic sea buckthorn pulp oil
  • Organic hemp oil cold pressed
  • Organic pumpkin seed oil cold pressed

Oils for joints can also be used here. Special active ingredients such as arnica support joints and muscles that are put under more strain than normal during pregnancy.

Massage oils with calming ingredients such as lavender are also suitable for balancing out one or two hormonal highs and lows. This best happens in a partner massage, as safety can be an important psychological point in pregnancy.

We recommend:

  • Organic pregnancy oil hemp & lavender
  • Organic pregnancy oil sea buckthorn & almond oil
  • Organic pregnancy oil arnica & vitamin E