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Warum die Haut überhaupt von außen pflegen?

Why care for the skin from the outside at all?

Our skin is the protective layer of our body. It is our largest organ and has a variety of tasks, for example, a barrier function, it protects the body from drying out and external influences, keeps the body temperature constant (sweating, freezing) and many, many other tasks. In order to overcome these diverse everyday challenges, the skin barrier must be intact.

Skin is not the same all over the body. The skin around the eyes is much thinner and more sensitive compared to the skin on the arms and legs. Care should therefore be tailored to the relevant skin area.

The skin consists of several layers, the outer layer is the so-called “stratum corneum” on which lies the hydrolipid film, both of which protect the skin from excessive moisture loss. The stratum corneum consists of hardened horny cells that, together with fats, form a protective layer. The hydrolipid film is, as the name suggests, a thin layer of fat composed of sebaceous gland fats, keratin, proteins and components of sweat.

The outermost layer of skin consists, so to speak, of fats, so care with high-quality fats is the right choice for healthy skin.

Because of sunlight, especially in summer, or heating air in winter, moisture is removed from the skin. This weakens the skin's barrier and can lead to dry patches, irritation or even disease.

There are several options to counteract this. You can moisturize the skin from the outside; lotions are just the thing here. Lotions that contain moisture in the form of water can replenish the water balance in the skin from the outside.

You can also use body oils to strengthen the skin barrier, which means that the water in the skin cannot evaporate as quickly. The advantage of using oils is that the skin barrier is strengthened in the long term. Therefore, moisture loss is minimized in the long term and the skin is strengthened. This is only partially the case with lotions.

Another advantage of body oils is that oil can bind and remove sebum. In the long term, the skin's sebum production returns to normal levels, as the skin no longer has to compensate for dryness by producing excessive sebum.