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Q10 Augen Roll On

Q10 Eye Roll On

Wake up your tired eyes with our small Q10 eye roll on.

Thanks to its small ball, this is very cuddly on your skin, especially around the eyes. You always applied a perfectly dosed product without getting oily fingers. 

But now let's take a look behind the scenes.

The Roll On not only offers a practical product design, it also has valuable ingredients that can all have a natural effect on the skin.

The hemp oil, which makes up the largest proportion in the recipe, has an anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect. Due to the special fatty acid structure of the oil, which is similar to that of the skin, small defects are repaired. The skin can, so to speak, take small building blocks of the oil and insert them into the skin.

The Kahai oil it contains has a high, natural content of vitamin A. This is responsible for smoothing your skin area and strengthening the holding barrier.

The Q10, which plays an important role in our product, ensures a slight color intensity. Cell renewal is stimulated and free radicals are defused. It also keeps the skin elastic and has a positive effect on small wrinkles.

The gentle lavender scent makes the whole thing a well-rounded affair. We love this plant and its enchanting effects.

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