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Natürlich schön sein

Of course be beautiful

A great idea that we implement in our products. 

We don't want synthetic substances on our skin. That's why we have set ourselves the goal of developing our products with only the most necessary and natural ingredients.

Every now and then we are asked why we can't do without essential oils?

For us it's a very clear matter. 

We want to give natural cosmetics a new look by using special essential oils and thus also appeal to the sense of smell in a positive way. 

In addition, each essential oil has its own and special characteristics  Effect. 

Lavender is the best example here. It has a very calming and anti-inflammatory effect on irritated skin. 

Lemongrass relieves fatigue and stimulates blood circulation in the skin.

So every oil has its strength and helps our products to be well-rounded.

However, the main ingredient in our products is not the essential oils but the cold-pressed oils.
These give your skin the certain power to gently regenerate it or get a great glow.

Thanks to cold pressing and correct processing, all the important ingredients are still contained in the finished product and your skin is nourished healthily from the outside.