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Wir beduften mit ätherischen Ölen

Essential oils and their effects

You can find out here why we scent our products with essential oils and what positive effects these oils have on the mental state.

Essential oils are a widely used term under the term aromatherapy. This involves the use of essential oils to improve physical and mental health. Individual oils or mixtures thereof can be used specifically for various symptoms. The oils can be added to a diffuser, used as a bath additive or incorporated into creams.

Classic scents such as rose and lavender are obtained through steam distillation, where the essential oils are dissolved and extracted from the raw materials with the help of steam. Extractions can also be carried out using carriers such as oil and alcohols. Here the raw materials are stored in the carrier material and the scent is transferred over the course of the storage period. Another method for extracting essential oils is cold pressing. This process is used, for example, on oranges and lemons, as the peels of the oranges contain many essential oils.

How do essential oils work after aromatherapy:

Cedarwood essential oil
The scent has a calming and relaxing effect on the body and gives serenity, especially in the evening.

lavender essential oil
Is the essential oil with a calming effect par excellence. It helps against anxiety, relaxes stress and relaxes the mind. Helps you fall asleep and let go and gives you peace.

Lemongrass essential oil
The fresh scent has an antidepressant effect, against anxiety and fatigue. The mood is brightened and tiredness disappears.

clove essential oil
The scent of the oil allows you to break through old thought structures and promotes self-confidence. You feel new strength and vitality.

Neroli (orange blossom) essential oil
The scent is reminiscent of summer and gives you peace and cheers up your mood. It also reduces anxiety and helps you fall asleep. It gives you a lot of energy and even helps with exam anxiety.

orange essential oil
Bitter orange blossom oil helps reduce anxiety, cheers up the mood and stabilizes the psyche.

sea ​​buckthorn essential oil
increases imagination and creative power. You feel satisfied but full of energy.

sandalwood essential oil
Relieves tension and aggression, as well as overstimulation and stress. The oil has a calming and activating effect at the same time. Many people find the scent sensual, which is why it is used in many perfumes.

vanilla essential oil
The scent gives confidence and well-being. The scent also makes you happy because it is said to promote the production of serotonin. Anger and insecurity are reduced.

Ylang Ylang essential oil
The oil helps with fatigue and helps with anxiety. It relaxes and has a balancing effect. The scent brightens the mood and even has a euphoric effect.

lemon essential oil
Increases the ability to concentrate and lifts the mood. The scent is also said to have a slightly calming effect.

Scents shape the way we see and experience the world. Our olfactory organ, the nose, only needs a few molecules to recognize a scent and is also extremely fast. Within a fifth of a second, images that match the smells are created in the head and corresponding emotions are triggered. This is also how aromatherapy works. Furthermore, some essential oils also have an antimicrobial effect and thus purify the air.

Due to the positive properties of essential oils and an intolerance to synthetic fragrances, we scent all of our products exclusively with essential oils. All of our products are tested for “sensitive skin” and are confirmed as “very good”.