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Was ist ein Körperöl und für was ist es gut?

What is a body oil and what is it good for?

What exactly is body oil and what is a body oil good for?

Body oils are an alternative to body lotions. People with dry or very dry skin can particularly benefit from a body oil. Body oils come in many different types. There are pure base oils, mixtures of different oils or mixtures with added active ingredients. Body oils are richer than body lotions and nourish the skin intensively. The valuable oils nourish the skin down to the deep layers of the skin so that the skin barrier can regenerate and be completely rebuilt.

Body oils are very economical and very easy to use. As the name suggests, they consist of oil (a fatty phase), the skin also consists of fats and can therefore work very well with the oils.

What is the difference to a body lotion?

Body lotions consist largely of water, body oils almost exclusively of oil.

This difference is very clearly noticeable in the texture, so cream is more spreadable and sometimes absorbs into the skin more quickly, whereas oil is more liquid and leaves the skin feeling supple. Creams and oils can both contain added active ingredients that provide additional care for the skin. The oil only contains oil-soluble active ingredients; creams can contain both water- and oil-soluble active ingredients. These added active ingredients are specifically designed to meet the different needs of skin types, e.g. dry skin, men's skin, and pregnancy skin.

For normal or combination skin, both body lotion and body oil can be used for daily skin care. If you have dry or even extremely dry skin and a lotion doesn't feel rich enough, then a body oil is just the thing. It is recommended to use a body oil that is tailored to your skin type and condition. But even with normal skin, body oils improve the general condition of the skin in the long term, as the skin can build up stronger from scratch.