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Hemp power from nature

The hemp plant is known not least for its intoxicating effects. The substance that causes a high in hemp is the so-called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is a psychoactive substance. THC is mainly found in female plants. Therefore, only male hemp is used to produce organic hemp oil. The seeds are also generally tested for THC after harvest and may only be used for pressing if strict limit values ​​are adhered to. 

But hemp can do much more than just make us see rainbows. Hemp oil consists of approximately 56.77% of the Omega 6 fatty acid linoleic acid and up to 5% of the Omega 6 fatty acid γ-linoleic acid. Furthermore, up to approx. 17.62% from the Omega 3 fatty acid α-linoleic acid. The oil therefore consists of more than 70% omega fatty acids. 

This fatty acid structure is very similar to the structure of our skin. Weakened skin can take the nutrients from the oil directly in order to build itself up. Thanks to the linoleic acid it contains, the oil has a cell-regenerating and cell-activating effect on the skin. The calming effect of this oleic acid is a relief for oily skin. Alpha-linolenic acid also has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect on the skin.

Hemp oil is a nourishing oil without clogging the pores. The skin is cared for and the sebum can still drain away easily. This avoids sources of inflammation. It is therefore ideal for young as well as mature skin.

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