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Warum ist Kaltpressung wichtig

Why is cold pressing important?

What does cold pressed mean? 

Cold pressing is a process for extracting oil from seeds. There are several mechanical processes here. Our hemp, sesame, hemp, black cumin, poppy and sunflower oil are obtained using a screw pressing process. 

How does that work exactly? 

The seeds are delivered directly to the oil mill by the farmer and then passed through mechanical cleaning. Here, contamination is removed from the field using sieves, air and magnets. The seeds are then stored in intermediate silos. The seeds are fed from these intermediate silos to the screw press. A screw press is a conical cylinder (screw) that sits in a tube. This tube consists of metal rods that are very close together and are only a fraction of a millimeter apart. At the beginning of the press, the screw in the tube is even smaller, which means that a lot of seed fits into the opening. During the process, the screw transports the seeds towards the growing cone. Due to the reduced space, the seeds are pressed together. The further the seeds are compressed, the higher the pressure in the pipe becomes. At some point the pressure is so high that the oil separates from the solids in the seed. These drops of oil then drip out of the gaps in the metal rods. At the end of the machine, the so-called press cake comes out of the machine as a solid. This is very rich in protein. 

Since the process involves a lot of pressure and some friction, the seeds and the machine heat up to around 40°C. The oil is collected in a funnel under the press and then temporarily stored in a tank. In a further step, the oil is pressed through a filter. This filter filters the coarse suspended particles and press cake residues out of the oil. Only printing, filter paper and filter material are used here, no additives or auxiliary materials. It is a purely mechanical process. And then we're done. The oil is filled into transport containers and delivered to us. 

During our production, we always ensure that the oil is not heated above 40°C throughout the entire process. So the oil remains as it is -> namely cold pressed.