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Sesamöl Bio und kaltgepresst

sesame oil

Sesame is known from Ayurveda. You can find out here what this great oil can do in cosmetics.

Sesame is a very old cultivated plant. The seeds and the oil obtained from them were used in Egyptian times and long before that. The plant is believed to have originated in India or Africa.

The oil is particularly popular in Ayurveda. Here it is poorly used as a massage oil because it can penetrate deep into the skin layers. The oil is also used internally and externally in detoxification treatments.

The naturally contained approximately 6.12% stearic acid, as well as the approximately 8.24% palmitic acid, form a light protective film on the skin that prevents transepidermal water loss. This means the skin loses less of its own cell water and remains tightened. Palmitic acid also stabilizes the skin's appearance, as the upper layer of skin consists of 37% of this fatty acid, so any deficiency can easily be compensated for.

Sesame oil envelops the skin like a protective coat and provides intensive care, which is particularly good for mature and stressed skin.