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Gua Sha Stein zur Gesichtsmassage

Gua Sha stone

What is a Gua Sha stone, how do I use it correctly and why will it become my new beauty weapon. You can find out about this and the exact application of the stone here.

The Gua Sha stone is a massage stone and a true beauty hero. The gemstone has been found in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and is becoming increasingly popular in this country. It is used for massages on the face, neck and décolleté. The stone is rubbed along the muscles and lymphatic channels on the skin with light pressure, which promotes blood circulation, relaxes muscles and stimulates the lymph. By massaging the care product, active ingredients are transported deep into the skin. The massage also has a stress-reducing effect and is simply good for the soul.

Please do not use the massage if you have open skin inflammation or sunburn. Give your skin time to regenerate first.

The skin should be well prepared before the massage. The first step here is a thorough cleaning. Because without cleaning, the pores are not free for the wonderful ingredients of the care and they cannot be absorbed properly. The face, neck and décolleté should then be prepared with a high-quality facial oil, such as our hemp facial oil. The lipid-containing care makes the massage more pleasant because the stone simply glides gently over the skin.

The stone has differently ground edges. These are used depending on the location on the body in order to have the best effect. A little experimentation helps here. What feels good is right. So turn and turn your Gua Sha during the first few uses to find out which side has the best shape for the area of ​​the body you want.

The stone is held in the hand and stroked at an angle of less than 45° to the skin, using moderate pressure. Each stroke is repeated 2-5 times, depending on the desired massage strength and level of tension. Once a stroke has been made on the skin, a little more pressure or even a pulsation can be applied to your stone at the end. This relaxes the ends of the muscles extra and addresses acupressure points.

The Gua Sha massage is best started with the shoulders. Here the stone is stroked from the shoulders up to the ears. This is done alternately on the left and right and slowly moves to the middle of the décolleté. Then we move on to the chin. The V-shaped side of the stone is particularly suitable for stroking along the jawbone. Stroke from the middle of the chin to the ears. Now slowly work your way up and always stroke away from the nose, towards the ears or the hairline. Some caution should be exercised in the area around the eyes as the skin here is very sensitive. It's best to work with little pressure here. If the stone no longer glides properly on the skin, add a few more drops of facial oil to the areas that still need to be massaged. The eyebrows can also be massaged excellently with the V-shaped side of the Gua Sha. If you notice a tight spot under the skin while stroking, this is usually a sign of tension. Apply a little more pressure here, but without pain, and stroke the area a little more often to relieve the tension.

When you finally reach your forehead, your skin should feel relaxed, warm and maybe even tingle a little, and it may also be a little red. This is completely normal because the blood circulation has been stimulated and the lymph can flow freely again.

To get the best results, repeat the massage at least 3 times a week, but also every day.

Cleaning the Gua Sha is quite simple and should be done after each use. Clean the stone with a little lukewarm water and a light soapy solution. Since the Gua Sha can easily slip out of your fingers, it's worth doing the whole thing in a small bowl. This ensures that the stone is not damaged if it falls into the sink.

With regular use, the skin's appearance becomes finer, the complexion becomes rosier and wrinkles can also be smoothed. For the optimal kick of freshness, you can also put the stone in the refrigerator. This means your pores will contract a little during use and swelling will be minimized.