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Innere Schönheit

Inner beauty

This is a topic that is very close to our hearts.

In a world characterized by external beauty and perfection, we often forget what true beauty actually means.

True beauty means so much more than just looking good, having the perfect body mass index (BMI), or having the perfect hairstyle.

While external beauty is fleeting and can and will change over the years, internal beauty is timeless. It is what makes us shine from the inside out.

True beauty is shown in the form of kindness, generosity and our compassion for other people, animals and the environment. 

It is the source of our positive energy and charisma.

Inner beauty is not an innate quality, but something that everyone can actively promote.

For example, how about a small, friendly gesture to build positive relationships. Or we can give ourselves a moment of mindfulness to be able to perceive thoughts and emotions more consciously. Not to be forgotten is physical well-being and mental health.

Let us recognize the true inner beauty and express it in our daily lives.