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This is RAW

Our body doesn't just nourish itself through food (of course that's always healthy and balanced ;-) ) no, our skin also wants to be well nourished. This is exactly where the idea for the brand “raw” came from.

Why don't we use cold-pressed organic oils and use them to create natural cosmetics that nourish our bodies from the outside? Which gives the skin all the vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals it needs to shine. Is it possible to develop products that actually cold-press the ingredient oil?

How can you redesign production processes so that the end product still contains all the nutrients in the product? How do we ensure that the cold-pressed oil stays as it is and thus retains the full value in the end product? And why don’t we make the whole thing sustainable too?

With this idea and wonderful raw materials that we are in love with, we got to work. There was a lot of stirring, bottling, testing and unfortunately pouring down the drain. Sometimes it takes loud music to get back to work and think about how we can do this. With a lot of love and even more newfound knowledge, we finally got where we wanted to go.

We have developed a series of oils and creams that exactly meet our questions. We have managed to get the cold-pressed oil “raw”.

Then we went one step further. Why should we only design our products “raw”. Why don’t we implement this idea of ​​“unvarnished” in our marketing? Why don't we show real people? Authenticity is something incredibly beautiful.

You are beautiful.

This is a sentence that far too many people hear far too rarely. Every day, women and men compare themselves to versions of people who don't really exist. Of course it looks very nice. But let's be honest, we're not 16 all our lives. Not to mention, I'm glad I've been out of puberty for a long time. But on the other hand, sometimes I feel bad when I look down on myself.

I really used to be “more crisp” in life. But I feel “beautiful” and wouldn’t it be great if everyone could say that to themselves? There is so much beauty in the world, but all of us as humanity, depending on the country and culture, strive for a different ideal that actually makes us unhappy. We want to change that.

You are beautiful just the way you are. And we want to help you feel really comfortable in your skin.