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Schere, Stein-Papier

Scissors stone paper

Today it's not about the classic games for young and old, but about our stone paper labels, which make our cosmetic bottles a real eye-catcher.

Now the question arises: how is it possible to make labels out of stone?

Stone paper consists of two parts. On the one hand from stone waste such as marble or limestone (approx. 80%) and on the other hand from polyethylene resin (approx. 20%), which is used as a binding agent.

The stones are processed into very fine flour and bound with polyethylene resin. The whole thing is then made into paper.

Thanks to this special composition, it offers these advantages, among others:

The finished stone paper is very environmentally friendly because it can be produced sustainably. To make the special paper, no water or wood fibers are used during production.

The finished product is water and oil resistant. This allows us to prevent the labels from wearing out due to oily, wet hands and potentially making important information illegible. 

We are enthusiastic about this idea and also happy that our supplier is located and produces in Baden-Württemberg, like us. This means we can rule out ever-long delivery routes.